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Certified 17 Certified!!! John Mark Osborne of Database Pros is certified for FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17 having passed all eleven rigorous exams.
Come celebrate with us regarding our 25,000th download of the Fireside FileMaker Podcast. If you haven't listened to our Podcast, come listen to Michael Rocharde and John Mark Osborne talk about all things FileMaker!
FileMaker 19.5 FileMaker 19.5 includes nearly 400 bug fixes! It also now supports Ubuntu, has access to OData, Live Text, QR Code, oAuth and much more. Download the Pro and Server updates now!
Meta-Consulting (8 hours) This service allows you to work one-on-one with John Mark Osborne while he helps you over a FileMaker hurdle. It's half training and half development. The service can be provided in person, over the phone or via GoToMeeting. The bulk rate saves you $500.00 over the normal cost when buying 8 or more hours! Find out more about the Meta-Consulting (8 hours) Philosophy of FileMaker Blog A blog devoted to FileMaker scripting, calculations, relational design and general FileMaker theory! Best part is it's completely free!
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"I love the online classes! I am interested in taking the Scriptology classes that you offer. I am currently "interning" at a law firm that runs Filemaker 3.0/4.0 on 11 Macs. We are upgrading to Filemaker 5 and also upgrading our Macs :) The reason I say "interning" is because I am supposed to be doing "legal-oriented" work, not database work. However, I was hired because of my computer skills. I have an extensive Web design background (all self-taught), but I had not even seen Filemaker until I got to the law office. I love Filemaker, now! I went out and bought Filemaker 4.0 and will be upgrading to Filemaker 5.0 Unlimited (I love that educational discount!) to run on my iMac. I want to start performing Filemaker contract work after graduation in December, so I really need to get the extra skills (scripting, CDML, LDML) that will make me stand out. Well, thanks for listening to me rant!" - Larry Stanton, Jr.
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