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Questions s The News area contains press releases and other announcements related to FileMaker Pro. The news items on this page come from the FMAnnounce mailing list. If you would like to have FileMaker Pro news emailed directly to you, visit the FMAnnounce mailing list web site. In order to send press releases to FMAnnounce, you must first subscribe to the service.

Latest News:
  Troi releases Troi URL Plug-in 8.0 for FileMaker Pro 19.3
  CNS Plug-ins Engage 2021 Sale Ending
  24U releases Gonector 2.1 for Claris FileMaker
  MBS FileMaker Plugin 11.4 - More than 6600 Functions In One Plugin
  CNS Plug-ins Claris Engage 2021 Sale

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Exclamation s The Script Reference and Complex Calculations contains hundreds of the most widely used calculation formulas and scripts for FileMaker Pro. Calculations and scripts were selected for their complexity and usefulness. Download the demo and take a test drive today!

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