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Jon Eckles - from Toldeo, OH regarding Meta-consulting
"Our Company recently had to develop an integrated database solution. We had already created several related databases using Filemaker Pro and we knew we wanted to build on them. We also knew we would need help in this task. It was at this point that we turned to John Mark Osborne of Database Pros. To make a long story short, with John's guidance and skills we now have a truly graphical, integrated, information system that has increased our quality and efficiency. Our hat's off to John Mark Osborne and Database Pro's!"

Joseph Welch - from Indianapolis, Indiana regarding Meta-consulting
"Managing data efficiently can be a huge problem. John Mark is the David to your Goliath. His teaching skills, design skills, and problem-solving skills are all excellent."

Perry S. Binder, MS, MD - from San Diego, CA regarding Consulting
"I have worked with Database Pros for two years. The quality of the programming is unsurpassed by anyone. They are very responsive and flexible as to my needs and schedule. My solution users are extremely pleased with the user interface and scripts. I highly recommend Database Pros for ANY of your FileMaker programming needs."

Phyllis Weiser - regarding Meta-Consulting
"I want to thank you so very much for your help. I know now that the solution was beyond my current thinking, so I would never have solved it on my own. Thanks for your patience working with me over the phone, you were awesome on so many levels. I have documented the procedure and will be able to implement it again if another situation arises. You can be sure that I will spread your name around as a very valuable resource."

Tim Blumer - from Redmond, OR regarding Meta-Consulting
"Database Pro's and John Osborne have been a resource beyond my most demanding expectations. When I approached John with a solution I needed to develop, he gave me two choices, 1) teach me to develop in FileMaker or 2) tell me how to complete the task in question. I chose to have John teach me how to develop a solution. With John's teaching I have been able to accomplish development of a very complicated solution. I am greatful that John stuck with me as I attempted to grasp a peice of his vast knowledge. I am forever grateful to Database Pro's and John. Thank you John."

Kevin Morrison - regarding Meta-Consulting
"Having developed many custom Filemaker databases for my business over the past five years, I turned to John Osborne for phone consultation on a integrated solution I was having challenges with. John was an excellent teacher, who walked me through the specific challenges I was having with my solutions. He stayed focused on the end result I needed, and showed me the most effecient way to get there. Thanks John!"

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