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Questions s Coffee cups indicate the complexity of a file, tip or article. One coffee cup is the easiest and three is the most advanced. To download a file, click on the green arrow icon next to the listing. If there are no coffee cups or platform icons, the listing may be an article, Quick Tip, Knowledgebase or bonus file.

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Add at Top    Download   Beginner   Tip File    Version 12 New
Add Related Records at the Top of a Portal
I published this tip a long time ago so it’s only in .fp7 format. So many people ask for it, I needed to release a current version. I’ve added a couple new features to modernize it. For starters, this tip allows you to add a one row portal outside a portal with a filter formula of “0” so you don’t have to scroll to the last portal row to enter a new record. The twist I added was a Script Trigger with ability to capture the Enter key so multiple portal rows can be entered.
Unique Related Records    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12 New
Display Just Unique Records in a Portal
This common relational technique is often scripted, calculated or reported. If you just want a simple list of the unique values in a many-to-many relationship, all you have to do is attach the table occurrence at the end of the relationship to get a unique listing. It’s so common, you’ll see questions like this on the FileMaker Certification Exam.
Highlight Portal Row    Download   Advanced   Tip File    Version 12 New
Highlight Multiple Portal Rows
I often use this technique to highlight portal rows in a picker so multiple choices can be made in a single display of a picker. It uses scripting and conditional formatting to change the text and the button icon when it is selected. A second click removes the coloring.
Last Row 2    Download     Tip File    Version 12 New
Demonstrates How to Hide Objects on the Blank Portal Row

Omit Portal Row    Download   Advanced   Tip File    Version 12 New
Demonstrates How to Omit a Portal Row
This file demonstrates how to omit records from a portal without deleting the underlying record. The technique uses a multi-key relationship and a filtered portal. A bonus technique is added to demonstrate how to add employees back into the portal.
Record Level Access    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12 New
Hide Records from Users Who Didn't Create the Record
The idea behind this technique is to demonstrate how to use the “limited” (aka Record Level Access) option to display records only to those accounts that created them. A good example of how this could be used is for sales people to not be able to see other sales people’s clients.