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Questions s Coffee cups indicate the complexity of a file, tip or article. One coffee cup is the easiest and three is the most advanced. To download a file, click on the green arrow icon next to the listing. If there are no coffee cups or platform icons, the listing may be an article, Quick Tip, Knowledgebase or bonus file.

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Abstracted Log    Download   Advanced   Tip File    Version 12
Log Field Changes with Indirection
A long, long time ago in a far away land, Bob Cusick of Clickware sent me a log file that used a single field to log changes to fields. Through the years I modified it and released it many times but here’s the latest version. This version is so abstracted, all you need is a single custom function with parameters that specify the fields that trigger the log and the log field itself. That means you can copy and paste the formula from table to table and make minor changes to create logs in all your files.
Card Picker    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 16
Window Card Picker to Replace Value List
Window Cards in FileMaker 16 are a cross between a custom dialog, a layout and a popover. This example demonstrates how to use a Window Card as a picker. WHile a popup menu is easier to setup, a picker is easier to work with when there are long lists. The picker has been designed to work with keyboard commands only, allowing for filtering, navigation and selection via keyboard equivalents.
Clear Field    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12
Clear a Field Automatically Based on Editing of Another
I use this simple auto-enter calculation formula in almost every database I program. It’s usually in a scenario where I have a conditional popup menu where I want to clear the choice from the second popup menu when the first popup menu is modified. Otherwise, there could be a mismatch of conditional values.
Current Tab    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 12
Restore the Selected Tab when Context is Changed
Whenever you switch layouts (which is pretty common in scripting), the current tab context is lost. This example uses a Script Trigger, the Get(TriggerTargetPanel) function and the Go to Object script step to remember and restore a selected tab when layouts are switched.
Easy Sort    Download   Advanced   Tip File    Version 12
Using Sort Field by Name to Simplify List Sorting
After years of trying every conceivable method to put a decent UI on column sorting, this is what I have finally arrived at as the simplest method to implement and maintain. It is very compact (1 script — 13 lines of code — 3 global variables), uses NO FIELDS, and does NOT need to be edited when adding a field for sorting.Thanks to Jeep Watson for sharing this cool file.
Error Logging    Download     Tip File    Version 18
Import Script Errors into a FileMaker File
How many times have I asked a user how to reproduce an error and they can’t. Now you can just turn on the fancy dandy script error logging and see for yourself. Then, grab that file and import it into this file to see what’s happening. If the user can remember when the error occurred then searching the timestamp should suffice. If the user remembers the button they clicked then just search for that script name. It’s that easy.
No Style    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 11
Remove Text Formatting with a Calculation
FileMaker Pro 7 calculations preserve text formatting from referenced fields -- which can be good and bad. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove all font characteristics using the Text Formatting functions. Here is a simple formula demonstrating how to remove text formatting including font type, size, style and size. This technique is not necessary in FileMaker 8 using the TextFormatRemove function.
Preferences    Download   Advanced   Tip File    Version 12
Create Multi-User Preferences using ExecuteSQL
This file demonstrates how to create a preferences section for a multi-user scenario with a different set of preferences for each account. Prior to ExecuteSQL, multiple table occurrences were needed to access the information from each source table. This file will show how to reduce the number of table occurrences in your solution using ExecuteSQL.
Seventeen    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 17
New Features in FileMaker 17
This example file shows off most of the new FileMaker 17 features for the desktop including multiple email attachments, default fields, found set portal or master-detail layouts, Perform Script by Name and Get(ActiveRecordNumber). Read the blog article and watch the companion videos at the PhilosophyOfFileMaker.Com web site.
Two Column Portal    Download   Intermediate   Tip File    Version 17
Create an Interface for a Two Column Portal
This fairly simple set of calculation using Get(RecordNumber), GetNthRecord and Case functions allows you to display two columns in a single portal. Why would you want to do this? It's really for specialized interfaces where you are trying to optimize the amount of information displayed on screen. Think of those multi-column phone lists you used to pin on your cubicle wall as a metaphor.


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