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Questions s Coffee cups indicate the complexity of a file, tip or article. One coffee cup is the easiest and three is the most advanced. To download a file, click on the green arrow icon next to the listing. If there are no coffee cups or platform icons, the listing may be an article, Quick Tip, Knowledgebase or bonus file.

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Modifying Default Fields    Download   Beginner   Bonus File    Version 17
Make Modifying the DefaultFields.xml file easier with this Template
FileMaker, Inc. includes some non-developer naming conventions in their DefaultFields.xml file. Maybe you like modifying XML grammar. It's not too hard but this file will save you a ton of time and cut down on mistakes. Or, maybe you don't like to use UUID values for unique identifiers and prefer serial numbers like me. This file will export a new DefaultFields.xml file from options specified in fields and popup menus. Try it, it's easy!
Orbz    Download   Beginner   Bonus File    Version 11
Addictive Game!
Thanks to Mark E. Mann for submitting this game of Orbz completely unlocked! Download it and have fun and then find out how he did it by reverse-engineering it!
Percentages    Download   Intermediate   Bonus File    Version 11
Subsummary Percentage Values
Creating subsummary reports is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. However, getting percentages is not quite as straightforward. I present three examples in this file which cover fraction of total and GetSummary methods.
Shizolator    Download   Advanced   Bonus File    Version 11
Shizolate Your Text Input
This file is based on the asksnoop.com website. Basically, the user enters a website and it appears on your screen as if Snoop Dogg were talking. It's a lot of fun to view your favorite website. Anyhow, I wrote a recursive custom function that mimics the asksnoop website but in FileMaker Pro. Don't download this file if you are easily offended!
Soduko    Download   Advanced   Bonus File    Version 11
Soduko Puzzles in FileMaker
For about 6 months I was addicted to Soduko and did at least one puzzle every day. Many times I considered creating a FileMaker version of Soduko but never got around to it. Thanks to Leland Long I can check another item off my list of to dos. BTW, Leland left the game completely unlocked so you can explore how he did it.
Tower    Download   Intermediate   Bonus File    Version 11
Tower of Hanoi Puzzle
This is a version of the classic Tower of Hanoi puzzle which was invented in 1883 by the French mathematician Édouard Lucas, or possibly by Harrison Heath who Lucas may have simply copied off of. Either way, its a classic puzzle game that has survived through the years. This solution is completely unlocked so you can see how it was done. I have played it and thoroughly enjoyed his interface! Thanks to Mark E. Mann for sharing this game with the FileMaker community.
Window Art    Download   Beginner   Bonus File    Version 11
Create a Gradient Window with FileMaker Tools
Scott Smith watched my video training series and came up with this idea for creating dialog windows with gradients in them using only FileMaker tools. Not only that, Scott presents the idea very well, so anyone should be able to replicate his technique. There's no reason you couldn't also use this technique for buttons as well.
FileMaker Advertisement    Download   Beginner   Bonus File    Version 11
The One and Only FileMaker TV commercial
Download the FileMaker commercial that Claris aired on national television in the summer of 1996. Make sure to turn the sound way up, since I had trouble hearing it.
Solitaire    Download   Beginner   Bonus File    Version 11
The Game of Klondike
Don Wieland of DW Data Concepts was generous enough to share this excellent game of Solitaire with everyone. It's completely unlocked so feel free to reverse engineer it to figure out how it was done.
Errors    Download   Beginner   Bonus File    Version 12
FileMaker Errors and Messages
This simple database is a repository for all FileMaker 12 and earlier errors. You can search for an error when a script returns one you don't understand, link this file to your own solution to display error messages or whatever you desire.