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Questions s Complex Calculations contains hundreds of the most widely-used calculation formulas for FileMaker Pro for beginner, intermediate and advanced developers. Even though it contains reference material, the purchase comes with the full access password so you can see how it was created!

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Complex Calculations contains hundreds of the most widely used calculation formulas for FileMaker Pro. These calculations were chosen for their complexity as well as their ability to solve a common problem. Even if you don't use all the calculations in the resource, you'll learn something interesting from every formula.

New to Complex Calculations is recursive formulas. Over a dozen custom and recursive custom functions are included to help you understand how they work and to solve complex problems.

Complex Calculations now has over 100 beginner formulas if you are just starting with FileMaker Pro 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. Beginner features also include definitions for every function.

Another new feature in Complex Calculations is the ability to create formulas in browse mode. No more flipping back and forth between Manage Database and browse mode to see if the calculation is working. Even if you have FileMaker Advanced and the Data Viewer, the calculation creator allows you to quickly save the formula in your table for future retrieval, change the field references quickly and enter example data without visiting an example record.

Screen Shot Screen Shot Screen Shot
Screen Shot

Download a demo of Complex Calculations below.

Purchase Complex Calculations for $29.95 and receive all 419 formulas as well as the full access password so you can see how it was created.

Here is a list of some of the calculations included when you register Complex Calculations (excluding the beginner examples):

Add Hours
Bar Chart/Progress Bar
Beginning of Week
Birthday Alert
Category Color
Celsius to Fahrenheit
Characters Spacing
Comma Separate
Credit Card Expiration
Currency Formatting
Current Tab
Date Range Find
Date to Text
Date to Unix
Daylight Savings
Decimal Increment
Decimals to Fractions
Elapsed Months
Elapsed Time
Evaluate with Quote
Evaluation Errors
Extract City
Extract State
Extract Zip
Fahrenheit to Celsius
FileMaker Version?
FileSize in KB
FileSize in MB
Filter Two Lists
Filter without Case
Find and Replace
Find and Sort Birthdays
First Day of Next Month
First Day of Week
Fiscal Month
Fiscal Quarter
Font Script
Fraction to Decimal
Full House
Future Investment Value
Future Weeks
Get Field Contents
Get Value Contents
Grab an Item from a List
Greater Current Date Find
Hex to Number
House Payments
How Many Colors?
Ignore Text
International Dates to U.S.
IsValid Data Type
Last Day of Month
Last Entry
Leading Zeros
Less Current Date Find
Loan Value
Local Values
Local Values 2
Mac vs. Win
Middle Initial
Names to Numbers
Nearest Quarter Hour
Next Weekday
No Shift Click
Number to Hex
Number to Scientific
Numbers in a Text Field
Numbers to Text
Numbers to Text 2
Parse First Name
Parse Last Name
Parse Middle Name
Parse Value List from Left
Parse Value List from Right
Phone Format
Phone Format 2
Random Integers
Random Passwords
Related Values
Related Values 2
Remove All Colors
Remove All Fonts
Remove All Formatting
Remove All Sizes
Remove All Styles
Remove All Styles 2
Remove Formatting
Remove One Color
Remove One Font
Remove One Size
Remove Returns
Replacing Words
Roman Numerals to Numbers
Round to Nearest Penny
Scientific Notation to Number
Social Security Formatting
Sort State
Status Area
Table [CSS]
Table [SVG]
Text Color
Text to Date
Title Sort
Two Word Last Names
U.S. Dates to International
Unix to Date
Validate Email
Validate Phone
Validate State
Week of Month
Wind Chill Factor
Window Dimensions
Work Days
Work Finish Date

For an additional $20.00, get the FileMaker Scripting Reference included with this 8 hour video on calculations:

The Complex Calculations video web site

Download  Download a demo of the Complex Calculations now!

Purchase the Complex Calculations for $29.95

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Exclamation s All of the FileMaker solutions at the databasepros web site come with the full access password and royalty free licensing!

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