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xmCHART 5.0.8 Maintenance Release
February 10, 2022 - X2max Software is pleased to announce the release of xmCHART 5.0.8

New & Improvements:
- BarcodeUPC(): Support of UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC-5, UPC-2 barcodes added.
- BarcodePDF417() now supports the full ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) character set.

Bug Fixes:
- Localization problems with month and weekday names fixed.
- A series of issues in combination with styled texts fixed.
- Formatting: Bug displaying the absolute value of a number fixed.
- Table cell borders: Clipping bug fixed.
- ViolinPlot(): Clipping bug fixed.

What can xmCHART do for you:
Adjust your drawing by using xmCHART's built-in scripting language. Enhance your diagrams by adding texts and images. Add trend lines, moving averages and error bars to your charts. Create advanced charts by overlaying and combining diagrams. Arrange arbitrarily texts, graphics and charts all within one drawing. Import and export high-resolution bitmap images in different image formats. Produce resolution-independent PDF and SVG images for publication or web use. Combine barcodes with texts, images and diagrams. Create high quality PDF drawings in FileMaker Runtime solutions. Available for macOS, Windows, Linux Ubuntu, Claris iOS App SDK. Running native on Apple Silicon M1 processor.

A fully functional demo version of xmCHART 5.0.8 is available for downloading at https://www.x2max.com/download/

Upgrade to xmCHART 5.0.8:
The xmCHART 5.0.8 upgrade is free to all xmCHART 5.0 customers. All customers who have purchased xmCHART 4.0 after January 1, 2018 get xmCHART 5.0.8 for free. All other customers can upgrade to version 5.0.8 at a discounted price. More info at https://www.x2max.com/purchase/#upgrade_license

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